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Frequently Asked Questions

History and Process

What is DWARF?

Why is it called DWARF? And why isn’t it spelled “Dwarf”?

Where did DWARF come from?

How can I submit a proposal to change or extend the dwarf-specificiation?

Is there a movement from proceedural languages to non-proceedural languages in today’s application context?

What advantages does DWARF have over STABS?

Is there an archive for the previous mailing list hosted by SGI?

Is DWARF associated with XCOFF object format?

What is the Software Licensing Agreement for DWARF?

You write that the DWARF standard (I mean the text) is under GNU FDL, but if you read read GNU FDL, you should have noticed that when something is released under GNU FDL it should be written in something which is widespread or at least readable as plain text.

Dwarf Format Questions

How many DW_TAG_compile_unit entries per Compilation Unit Header?

Why doesn’t the line table ‘basic block’ register have a reset operation?

How big is a DW_FORM_ref_addr?

What is a state machine which is used to decode the byte stream of line and file debug information?

What is the basic logic behind the extended, standard and special opcodes?

Code and Technology

Is there a posibility to download a C source code to parse a DWARF-2 file?

Where do you find examples in C and other langs of using the exception handling and other features. Great for programmers to be able to look at working examples.

How can I parse the sections of .debug_info and .debug_abbrev which belong in a file format?

Are there any tools available for editing, compacting, or selectively removing DWARF symbols from object files?

Why does my debugger quit soon as I start debugging?

Is there any software that can read DWARF data and output the size and offset of struct fields (and class data members)?

Where can I find a reference of the Dwarf debugging symbols produced by a GCC compiler on various platforms?

Does visual studio .net support the DWARF debugging standard?

What’s the best C DWARF WRITER (API) around?

Is it possible to access local or global variables (i.e., getting their stored values) of a running program without stopping its execution using its debugging information?

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