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The problem with adding new forms is that you break forward-compatibility. Normally, old consumers can skip attributes they don't understand, because they do understand their forms. If you add a new form, then old consumers will be unable to use the rest of the attributes in that die. In fact, they might be unable to parse anything further in that compilation unit unless they're clever enough to fall back on sibling pointers. I think we'd want to see substantial savings from something before we added a new form; what kind of savings would this yield? --Jim.blandy 20:21, 2 April 2007 (PDT)

that's a generic problem

You describe a generic problem with anything that requires a version bump. I think the right way to address this is to define things that require a version bump, and also give guidance about when to use the extensions, and a warning that consumers will not be able to skip over things they don't understand.