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  1. What is DWARF?
    • DWARF is a debugging format used to describe programs in C and other similar programming languages. It is most widely associated with the ELF object format but it has been used with other object file formats.
  2. Why is it called DWARF? And why isn't it spelled "Dwarf"?
    • It's a pun, since it was developed along with ELF, the Executable and Linking Format (nee Extensible Linking Format). Brian Russell, the original developer of DWARF, christened it the "Debugging With Attributed Record Formats".
  3. Where did DWARF come from?
    • DWARF was orginally developed by Bell Labs for use with the System V debugger named sdb. This format was standardized as DWARF v. 1.0 by the PLSIG (Programming Languages Special Interest Group) of Unix International.
  4. How can I submit a proposal to add-to/change the dwarf-specificiation?