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See also [[DWARF5 Clarifications]].
See also [[DWARF5 Clarifications]].
#### Section 1, Page 1
ISSUE 200505.1
Delete the accidental word '''unittype'''.
#### Section DW_OP_piece clarification pg 42
ISSUE 181205.1
Add the following normative text to
A composition operation that follows an empty
location description indicates
that the piece is undefined, for example
because it has been optimized away.
#### Section 3.2.5 DW_AT_import description Page 74 line 21
''a reference to the
'''normal or partial compilation unit'''
whose declarations logically
belong at the place of the imported unit entry.''
Replace ''normal or partial compilation unit''
with '''normal or partial compilation unit entry'''.
#### Section 3.9 Declarations with Reduced Scope Page 94 line 26.

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DWARF5 Errata

Describing typographical errors or ambiguities in the DWARF5 Standard (released in 2017). ISSUE refers to the numbered ISSUES page on dwarfstd.org

Created 2021-10-08

Updated 2022-06-25

See also DWARF5 Clarifications.