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which is
which is
a result of a mistyped document indexing command.
a result of a mistyped document indexing command

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DWARF5 Errata

Describing typographical errors or ambiguities in the DWARF5 Standard (released in 2017). ISSUE refers to the numbered ISSUES page on dwarfstd.org

Created 2021-10-08

Updated 2-21-10-08

See also DWARF5 Clarifications.

Section 1, Page 1

ISSUE 200505.1

Delete the accidental word unittype.

Section 3.2.5 DW_AT_import description Page 74 line 21


a reference to the normal or partial compilation unit whose declarations logically belong at the place of the imported unit entry.

Replace normal or partial compilation unit with normal or partial compilation unit entry.

Section 3.9 Declarations with Reduced Scope Page 94 line 26.

ISSUE 200505.7

b) If the address range of the containing scope is non-contiguous (see 2.17.3 on page 52) the value of this attribute is the offset in bytes of the beginning of the address range for the scope of the entity from the begin ning of the first range list entry for the containing scope that is not a base address entry, a defa ult location entry or an end-of-list entry.

The phrase , a default location entry should be removed, it does not apply here.

Section 6.1.1 Lookup By Name. Page 136. Line 34 (last line of the page).

ISSUE 200505.2

index that covers the entire load module.

Replace 'load module' by 'module'.

Comment: Load module is a term that is no longer in common use.

Section Section Header (.debug_names) page 144 lines 5-10

ISSUE 200505.4

11. Augmentation_string...

A vendor-specific augmentation string, which provides additional information about the contents of this index. ... The string is padded with null characters to a multiple of four bytes in length.

Replace the string is padded by The null-terminated string is padded

Comment: All strings defined by the document are null-terminated so this one has to be null-terminated too.

Section text error Page 145 line 16

ISSUE 210218.1

Following name, as it appears in the source code, should be stored in the name table one sees: name table.name index!case folding

which is a result of a mistyped document indexing command