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This is just a scratch page for me to keep track of things that I notice while using dwarf that I think should be improved. These don't imply that I'm going to do them all, and they might not make sense to anyone but me. Hopefully I'll be able to articulate these in enough detail to move them onto the official "dwarf 4 issues" list. http://dwarfstd.org/Issues.php


draft ideas for proposals

under construction

discussion topics

scratch pad -- todo list

  • aranges are described in 6.1.2 and also in 7.20. We should merge these 6.1.2 into 7.20
  • write up a specific proposal for .debug_info_index -- I'm wary of proposing anything big without implementing it first ...
    • can we embed arrays inside .debug_info?
  • see also here : http://www.linux-foundation.org/en/DWARF_4_Open_Issues
  • enhance locations and location lists to handle constant values
  • propose deprecating DW_FORM_data1/2/4/8
    • unknown signedness is a perpetual problem
    • in favor of DW_FORM_sdata
    • in favor of DW_FORM_offset (as above)
  • revise the mapping between forms and classes
    • the description of (eg) macptr class is vague as regards offsets/address semantics
  • DW_CC_program for fortran main program is funky if it has same linkage as normal
    • we just need a flag to mark it as a "fortram main program" for info purposes
  • proposal for using source coordinates for deciding what's in scope
    • defer this indefinitely, unless we discuss with an implementor that needs it
    • there was discussion of this recently (discontiguous scopes)
    • its worth writing up more ideas about using source coords for scope

  • editorial issues
    • description of form classes (the section-offset ones) could be tightened up
    • remove duplication between similar template descriptions. (5.6.8 3.3.7?)
    • need intro covering section layout before chapter 2
    • define "target architecture" and replace references to "target machine" and "target program"